Intake Valve Cleaning Ford CRC GDI IVD® Intake Valve Cleaner

Ford EcoBoost Engines deliver increased power, performance and gas mileage. They are GDI or gasoline direct injection engines, they're great engines but then need a bit more periodic maintenance. Because of their design, they need treatment with CRC GDI IVD Intake Valve Cleaner every 10,000 miles. Here's why. In traditional port fuel injection or PFI engines, the gasoline washes over valves, cleaning them in the process. In GDI engines, gasoline is injected directly into the cylinder so it never comes in contact with the intake valves. Without that constant cleaning action, harmful carbon deposits build up on the valves. The result is reduced performance and loss of power. Chunks of carbon can even break off and cause damage to engines and other components. Some methods of removing the carbons involve costly labor intensive processes. CRC solves this problem easily and affordably with its GDI IVD Intake Valve Cleaner which safely dissolves the carbon deposits without requiring engine teardown. Use it before every oil change. Do it yourself or have it done by your local service center. The result will be better performance and longer engine life for your Ford.

Published on September 12, 2016 Category