Introducing Rotary’s New SPOA10TRIO

Rotary's Newest 2-Post Car Lift is reinventing the standard, combining legendary quality construction with the most advanced arm design on the market today.

The SPOA10TRIO is the first two post lift that can accommodate all three interchangeable adapters. Whether you need truck adapters for engaging a frame, Rubber Adapters for uni-body vehicles, or the time tested flip-up adapters for even more versatility.

All three can be changed out easily in a matter of seconds giving your technicians the right tools for the right job. The patented TRIO arm is a two piece arm with an integrated third stage that allows for greater reach and enhanced retraction. This increases the overall arm coverage…

Making it easier to reach more pick up points than ever before. No more struggling with heavy arms, the Patented Multi-Position Adapter Sliders allow adapters to move freely, making it easier for technicians to hit a vehicles pick up points quickly and precisely.

Plus, the true Asymmetric Lift design shifts the center of gravity back, giving more room at the rear of the columns, allowing for maximum door opening.

Also, every S-P-O-A-TEN-TRIO is ALI Gold Label Certified and backed by Rotary’s industry leading support. For 90 years Rotary lift has been leading the industry in designing the fastest…most reliable…and longest lasting products that deliver the lowest cost of ownership.

Now the new S-P-O-A-TEN-TRIO proves once again, that Rotary Lift is “Innovating…Not Imitating”™.

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Published on November 12, 2015
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