Rennsteig Automatic Center Punches: Life Saving Tool

Rennsteig adjustable automatic center punches come in 3 different sizes. This punch can also be used as a life saving tool, destroy an automobile window in less than second even under water to rescue your or someone else life. This is an industrial tool, not a DIY-quality item.

Product Features:
• For highly visible marking of steel and NF metals
• Impact strength is adjusted by rotation of the knurl
• Spring loaded self striking mechanism
• Activated by downward pressure (you don't need a hammer)
• Precision design, Replaceable hardened pin, Impact force adjustable
• Two-component hand guard
• Nickel plated finish
• Machine steel
• Nickel plated finish
• 100% Made in Germany by Rennsteig

Published on June 29, 2016
Anglo American Tools
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