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Part of doing a brake job right is making sure that all brake surfaces and components are clean. Brakleen brake parts cleaner, from CRC Industries, quickly and easily removes brake dust, grease, oil and road grime. The original aerosol brake parts cleaner; Brakleen has been the number one choice of automotive technicians and do-it-yourselfers for more than 40 years. CRC Brakleen is easy to use and does most of the work for you! Simply wet down the surfaces that need cleaning by spraying in short bursts at a distance of roughly 18 to 24 inches. Make sure to avoid getting overspray on plastic, rubber or painted surfaces. After all surfaces are wetted, continue spraying to remove contaminants. Use a wire brush to clean the caliper housing and backing plate to remove all dirt and dust. Let the parts air dry after an application, or wipe down with a clean rag. It’s possible that heavy deposits of grime may require a repeat application. The chlorinated formula in the red can is the most powerful Brakleen available. CRC also offers multiple Brakleen formula options to meet any state regulations and requirements. If you’re installing new brakes, Brakleen can also be used on the new rotors to remove the protective oil they use in packaging.
Use CRC Brakleen on rotors, hub and rotor contact points, on the caliper assemblies, brake linings, cylinders, drums, CV joints, clutches, springs, bolts, fasteners and all brake hardware. Once all your brake parts are clean and new parts are installed, apply Silaramic Brake System Grease from CRC. It protects all moving caliper hardware and backing plates and any mating surfaces from dirt and corrosion.
Be sure to use CRC Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner is the product preferred by automotive techs, for a brake job done right!
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