05105 CRC Technician Grade Di-Electric Grease Instructional Video

Accumulations of dirt, grease and contaminants in your vehicle’s electrical system can eventually lead to contact failure and malfunction. After cleaning contacts and connections with QD Electronic Cleaner, follow with technician grade Di-Electric Grease from CRC.
CRC Di-Electric Grease seals, protects, lubricates, insulates and prevents water from getting into electrical connections and contacts, helping prevent corrosion, which can damage wiring and cause malfunctions. Corrosion on lamp connectors and wiring causes bulbs to burn hotter, shortening their life.
To apply Di-Electric Grease the vehicle and power supply should be off. Be sure the area has first been cleaned with CRC QD Electronic Cleaner. Allow any hot surfaces to cool before an application. Just squeeze the trigger to dispense Di-Electric Grease, and apply an even coat to electrical connections and contacts. Use it on circuit breakers, ignition coil connectors, the HEI distributor, plastic or rubber parts, fasteners and o-rings. CRC Di-Electric Grease is great for spark plug boots where the rubber meets the porcelain to keep them from fusing together and, it helps prevent arcing between the boot and the metal part of the plug. It’s also perfect for your trailer lighting and the trailer harness, bulbs and bulb connectors. There’s no overheating of connections, which extends lamp life.
CRC Di-Electric Grease prevents bonding so that components can be easily removed. CRC Di-Electric Grease can also be used on many outdoor applications around the house such as outdoor power receptacles and lamps, tools and power equipment. It improves electrical performance and provides critical protection for electronic components exposed to rain, fog, salt spray and temperature extremes.
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