Benefits of Using SATA RPS Cups

When you want the best on top of your gun, you have to use our RPS cups. No adapters, even flow and a sputter-less finish. Watch this video to learn even more about the best cups in the automotive industry. With RPS we guarantee a constant and even flow of material, giving constant and even color match and constant and even film build from full to empty.  Mix only what you need, it all comes out of the vented RPS cups.  Cut your cleanup time and materials with no adapters necessary, leaving only SATA's very short QCC threadless fluid passage to clean.  Lightweight, no heavy holding cups and locking collars necessary.  Enjoy the performance of your guns as they should be, without disturbing the ergonomic designs SATA is famous for.  Adapters are available for other guns as well.

Published on December 28, 2015 Category Tag