CRC Intake Valve Cleaner on Motorhead Garage Industry Update

Newer cars with gasoline direct injected engines get to run a little rough after 5,000-10,000 miles. They build up a lot of carbon particularly on the intake valve because they no longer have the injector and the intake manifold washing that valve. It carbons up and your vehicle loses power, performance and fuel economy. New CRC GDI IVD™ Intake Valve Cleaner reaches the intake valves at 150X the concentration of premium fuel additives. It’s easy to use - go behind the mass air flow sensor, put the Permastraw into the intake system, spray a 30-second blast with the engine at 2,000 RPMs. CRC Intake Valve Cleaner lifts the carbon off the back side and the face of the intakes valves, helps to clean up the combustion chamber and restores power and performance. Also great for standard PFI gasoline engines! For more info and a $5 rebate, go to

Published on January 14, 2016 Category Tag