CRC Intake Valve Cleaner on The Daily Buzz

CRC just introduced brand new technology in a product called CRC GDI IVD™ Intake Valve Cleaner.
GDI stands for Gasoline Direct Injection and we’re seeing it on more and more vehicles from top auto makers like Ford, Buick, Honda, Toyota, Kia, BMW and several others.
GDI engines are popular because they have better combustion, resulting in more power and cleaner emissions. And they use less fuel!
GDI engines inject fuel directly into the cylinders for combustion, bypassing the intake valves. And because GDI engines run hotter and harder than conventional PFI (port fuel injected) engines, they’re prone to harmful carbon deposits; especially on intake valves. But you can’t reach GDI intake valves with a fuel additive product, so you need something more.
Even in a newer vehicle, after just 10,000-15,000 miles deposits start to build up and they can really affect your vehicle’s performance.
Some symptoms are hard starting, rough idle, poor acceleration, reduced fuel economy, power loss and excess emissions.
CRC developed a product to clean intake valves in both GDI and PFI engines. For GDI the benefit is that you can now clean those intake valves without needing a technician to disassemble your engine – that's an expensive proposition! Instead you can spray CRC Intake Valve Cleaner into the air intake – and you’re going to notice a difference even in the first hour after you use the product.
Conventional PFI engines don’t have as severe a problem with deposit buildup, but if you haven’t been using fuel additives on a regular basis you’re still accumulating deposits that will affect your engine’s performance. CRC Intake Valve Cleaner reaches the intake valves at 150X the concentration of premium fuel additives, so you’re going to get a real deep clean right where you need it and gain back your power and fuel economy.
Get more info along with a $5 rebate online at and find it at AutoZone and NAPA auto parts stores.

Published on November 29, 2015 Category Tag