DOLPHIN™ Finishing Putty Features and Benefits

U-POL® DOLPHIN™ Finishing Putty is a premium two component polyester paste used for the filling of dents and imperfections in most substrates. Made with the finest European resins, DOLPHIN™ Finishing Putty's formulation uses sophisticated lightweight technology to produce excellent filling properties, combined with smooth application and effortless sanding.

Flexible, pinhole free formulation.
Effortless sanding - even after 24 hours.
Non-porous formula will not shrink or pull back.
Resistant to solvents in 15-20 minutes.
Quick drying - sand, paint, prime within 15-20 minutes.
Unparalleled adhesion to most substrates including: bare metal, OEM paint surfaces, aluminum, galvanized, SMC, fiberglass, lightly abraded E coat and most plastics.

Published on January 4, 2016 Category

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