GOJO® Scrubbing Towels

GOJO® Scrubbing Towels are a convenient way to remove grease and grime from skin and surfaces and tools when soap and water are not available. Pre-moistened with GOJO cleaning solution, the dual-textured towel has a scrubbing side that acts like grit to remove soils like grease, tar, paints and adhesives. The smooth side absorbs the heaviest grime so you can simply wipe it away. The SIMPUL™ Nozzle Technology virtually eliminates roping and minimizes waste by providing one towel with each pull. The nozzle’s re-wetting design helps ensure consistent saturation from the first towel to the very last. The towels are pre-threaded and ready to use, so hassle-free clean up starts the moment you pop the lid.

Published on May 27, 2016