HKS' V3 Supercharger kit features a revised inlet pipe with a larger inside diameter than the previous version. The restrictor plate has also been removed, as well as a larger supercharger pulley.

These changes optimize the airflow into the supercharger, allowing a slower spinning, but more efficient airflow. The reduction in supercharger speed, along with the less restrictive air flow, allows for a larger volume of air and cooler intake temperatures than before, creating more power than previous variations of the kit. In addition, the V3 Supercharger is available with an optional Flash Editor with pre-programmed tunes for 91 octane and E85. A 93 octane calibration is also available exclusively through HKS USA and participating HKS USA Pro-Dealers.

Part# 12001-KT003 - GT S/C System Pro FR-S...MSRP: $3,800.00
Part# 12001-KT003A - GT S/C System ECU Package FR-S...MSRP: $4,100.00

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