Inside the Brands: Episode 28 – The DSG Transmission Service Kit

Audi VW has placed a 40,000 mile service interval on their DSG transmission. To provide customers with everything needed for this repair, including the OE fluid, CRP Automotive has created the Pentosin DSG Transmission Kit.
Click the link above to learn how to perform a proper DSG transmission service on an Audi or VW with the Humble Mechanic's DSG Service Episode featuring the Pentosin DSG Kit.

About the Kit:
The Pentosin DSG Transmission Service Kit from CRP Automotive comes with the recommended 5 liters of the OE DSG transmission fluid, Pentosin FFL2, as well as the OE VW transmission filter, O-ring and drain plug washer from CRP's Rein Automotive brand.

About the DSG Transmission:
The DSG is an Automatic transmission that works like a manual transmission without the clutch. It comes with a sport drive on the column shifter. It's important to note that many people tend to overuse the sports drive. This causes wear in the system. Even if you never use the overdrive, the automatic shifting of the DSG can put a strain on the transmission especially in mountainous or hilly terrains where it will automatically down shift as you descend elevations."

Published on April 7, 2016 Category Tag