Inside the Brands: Episode 33 – Examining Strut Mount and Bump Stop Wear

The strut mount is under severe stress since it’s the attachment point for the top of the strut or shock. It constantly gets pushed and pulled when the shock cycles up and down. This stress will cause the density of the strut mount insulating material to change, pancaking the mount and eventually wear down the mount pivot bearings.

When shocks and struts are worn it can also reduce the effectiveness of the bump stops. Bump stops are made of plastic material that, with constant use, age, and exposure to the elements, will start to crack and deteriorate. Furthermore if the shock or strut is leaking, the oil can eat away at the bump stops.

The additional labor to replace these components is insignificant when replacing the shocks and struts. Replacing the strut mounts and bump stops as well as having the wheels properly aligned will prevent potential vibration issues even after installing a brand new shock or strut.

Rein Automotive offers a full line of strut mounts and bump stops so be sure to visit to find them for the vehicle you’re working on.

Published on September 9, 2016 Category Tag