Inside the Brands: Episode 35 – BMW Problem Solver Hose Kits

In this episode of CRP Automotive's Inside the Brands, we’re talking about the hose assembly that connects the cylinder head to the water pump on various BMW’s such as the E90 3 Series and E60 5 Series both turbo and non-turbo 6-cylinders.

A steel pipe starts at the cylinder head and routes around various exhaust components. Then a small section of hose connects the steel pipe to the water pump. This hose portion is exposed to heat and vibration and can crack and fail.

When you order this part from the dealer, it comes as a complete hose assembly with the steel pipe and rubber hose. To replace the whole assembly, various exhaust components need to be removed adding hours to the repair time. Vehicles with turbos can add complexity and time to the repair.

CRP is offering a kit that contains the rubber hose and two clamps (one for the water pump and one to clamp the hose onto the pipe). Instead of needing to remove and replace the entire assembly, you can quickly and easily replace just the failed hose section.

We currently offer these parts under our Rein Automotive brand for a few of the E90’s, E60’s and E83’s BMWs and are in the process of adding more SKUs. These vehicles are from 2006-2011 where we are starting to see this issue more and more.

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Published on September 9, 2016 Category Tag