Inside the Brands: Episode 37 – Damaged BMW E39 & E46 Rear Subframe Mounts

When the rear shocks, struts, or the coil springs go bad, the subframe mounts take a beating, and it’s going to shorten the remaining life of these components. If the rear strut mounts and shocks, or the rear coil spring on the E39 or E46 you’re looking at require replacement, there’s a pretty good chance that vehicle is going to have some issues with the rear subframe mounts as well.

These vehicles are also starting to get high in age and miles so the integrity of these mounts is likely fading. To prevent any possible comebacks, we highly recommend checking all of the rear suspension components including removing one of the rear subframe mount bolts and the stopper so you can perform a good visual inspection of the subframe mount.

If your customer only wants to replace the shocks or struts, make sure they’re fully aware that they could still have vibration issues in the near future if the subframe mounts are overlooked.

Taking the time to do a complete suspension check and replacing all of the worn components will ensure a like new ride in these vehicles. Learn more in this episode of CRP Automotive's Inside the Brands.

Published on September 9, 2016 Category Tag