Inside the Brands: Episode 48 – Fixing an OE Design Flaw

Through conversations with many professional repair technicians, it was discovered that the OE power steering pump used in several popular Honda/Acura models came with design flaws in the valve and return pipe. These flaws led to low pressures, poor performance, and notorious noise issues. Watch this episode of Inside the Brands to see our newly re-designed pump that helps solve these issues.

AAE part # 5760N is one of our newest pumps. It features a special valve design that will insure proper pressure as well as a pre-installed return pipe to help combat those common noise issues. The OE design flaw caused the valve guide walls to wear excessively leading to low pressures and poor performance. We solved that issue by creating a larger surface area where the valve comes in contact with the valve guide walls, virtually eliminating any wear.

The return pipe on the OE pump was also a common culprit of noise issues caused by air entering the system. This problem lead to customer complaints and higher rates of returns. With reman pumps, the pipe isn’t typically supplied so you would need to use the existing return pipe and install new o-rings. That process was difficult on this model pump and often leads to pinched or cut o-ring that would cause air leaks. When this wasn’t properly diagnosed, the shop would often need to resort to replacing the whole pump. 5760N eliminates this issue by having the return pipe and the o-ring already installed.

All new AAE pumps use OE bearings and are tested at our AAE facilities.

Published on February 2, 2017 Category