Inside the Brands: Episode 50 – Inside the Magna X Filter

In our 50th episode of CRP’s Inside the Brands, we discuss the Magna X Filter and why we include it with every new and remanufactured rack we sell through our AAE brand.

The Magna X Filter filter, which attaches to the low-pressure return, is designed to remove over 98% of the system’s contamination through its dual filtration design.

First, a specifically designed particle separator cap steers the fluid across a strong magnet, removing metal particles from the fluid. Then it flows through a 4-micron filter to remove all non-ferrous materials.

The Magna X Filter is also equipped with a pressure relief valve that prevents pressure build up as a result of clogging. This ensures positive fluid flow and operating pressures.

It’s a simple installation. You just need to find any open area on the vehicles’ power steering return line and splice it in. We include the needed clamps, a safety and installation guide complete with detailed diagrams, as well as a peel and stick labels to help remind you and your customer of the installation date and mileage.

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Published on April 13, 2017 Category