Inside the Brands: Episode 58 – New Pentosin/Rein ATF Kits

When you change the automatic transmission fluid in a vehicle, it’s often appropriate to also change the ATF filter as well.

This episode of Inside the Brands, CRP Automotive’s Marie Yeager discusses three ATF kits developed with input from the CRP Innovation Council — a network of experienced professional repair technicians.

These new ATF kits cover a range of Audi/VW (1058206-KIT-1 & 1058206-KIT-2), and BMW (1058206-KIT-3) applications, and contain Pentosin fluid and the application-specific Rein brand transmission filter and gasket set required. Ordering the kit can save time and money since it provides the right filter and correct quantity of fluid in one box.

Published on September 7, 2017 Category