Inside the Brands: Episode 68 – A snapshot of the Rein Automotive Brand

Rein Automotive was introduced to the NAFTA market in 2007, and it is an OE-quality line of auto parts for import vehicles.

The Rein brand covers a number of parts categories, but it’s probably best known for cooling system parts — including hoses, expansion tanks, and water pumps.

But the Rein brand also includes parts in the following categories:

- Anti-vibration Parts like engine and transmission mounts, strut mounts & kits, drive shaft mounts, and sway bar & control arm bushings
- Power Steering hose assemblies and reservoirs
- A/C Parts
- Axle Boot Kits
- Breather Hoses and Kits
- Caps
- Hardware
- Hoses
- Suspension Parts
- Switches and Sensors
- Thermostats

All told, the Rein Automotive catalog covers more than 40,000,00 vehicles in operation. For more information, visit

And it’s all part of CRP Industries — a family-owned and operated American company that has roots back to 1954. CRP is the same company that brings you AAE Steering systems, AJUSA gaskets & head bolts, ContiTech timing belts & kits, and Pentosin technical fluids.

Published on November 22, 2017 Category