Inside the Brands: Episode 75 – BMW Starter Installation Tip

At CRP Automotive, we’d been hearing from a lot of our customers about a no-start condition after replacing BMW starters — even when the repair technician did everything correctly.

These reports have been about multiple BMW 3/5/X3/X5/Z4 series ranging from 2006 to 2016.

Sometimes the engine will start at the shop, but a week or two later when the customer has the car, it will refuse to start.

One reason behind the no-start situation may not have anything do to with the technician or the starter — and everything do with the starter bolts. You see, the bolts for these starters actually serve a dual purpose: to secure the starter and also to ground the starter.

These aluminum torque-to-yield or “stretch” bolts are uncoated as supplied from BMW. Coated bolts interfere with the grounding of the starter, causing the no-start situation. So make sure you are using Rein Automotive aluminum bolts, which are not coated and allow for the proper grounding of the starter.

Rein Automotive part number: HWK0039

Rein bolts also come with the correct torque specs. Which brings up a final bit of advice: keep in mind that the starter mounting bolts are single-use only. You should not re-use previously torqued bolts when reinstalling a starter.

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Published on May 9, 2018 Category