Inside the Brands: Episode 76 – Diagnosing BMW Oil Filter Housing Leaks

Here at CRP Automotive, we’ve heard that a number of popular BMW straight-six engines have an issue with leaking oil filter housing gaskets, specifically on the BMW 2.8, 3, and 3.2-liter engines.

After researching the issue with our Innovation Council and others in the field, we learned the leak is actually due to a design flaw in the housing itself, not the gasket. We discovered that on these oil filter housing gaskets, there were no centering tabs on the housing to help seal and prevent leaks.

AJUSA, which is brought to you by CRP Automotive, has introduced two new redesigned oil filter housing gaskets for the BMW applications. The AJUSA replacement gaskets have the centering tabs on the gaskets, which should help reduce leaks — and comebacks.

Engine Oil Cooler Gasket Part #: 01263000
Oil Filter Housing Gasket Part #: 01099100

When ordering, make sure you are purchasing the updated gasket. Some suppliers are selling the old version under the new OE number. Always remember to check the correct specification you need before ordering at or whichever online ordering platform you prefer.

Published on May 9, 2018 Category