Inside the Brands: Special Edition: – Humble Mechanic/Pentosin 0W-20 Oil

Another special edition episode of Inside the Brands filmed live at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas last year. This one features Charles Sanville, “The Humble Mechanic”, CRP Automotive’s Mark Malone, and Mario Gehrlein of Fuchs Schmierstoffe talking about the new Pentosin ultra-low viscosity oils that were launched at the show.

Pentospeed LL-14 SAE 0W-20 – BMW
Part Nos. 8044305 (1L) / 8044307 (5L)

Pentospeed SP IV 0W-20 – VW
Part Nos. 8044309 (1L) / 8044311 (5L)

Pentospeed VCC 0W-20 – Volvo
Part Nos. 8044313 (1L) / 8044315 (5L)

These oils are OEM “first fill” for the manufacturers listed and were developed for newer vehicles that use smaller-displacement turbocharged engines. While these engines are essential to meeting CAFE fuel efficiency targets, they also tend to run hotter and require a more sophisticated additive package.

Published on June 19, 2019 Category