K&W TRANS-X Product Demo & Animation, Car Care Kiosk

Not only is Trans-X designed to fix and prevent leaks, but also this powerful formula will help revitalize harden seals, restore smooth shifting and prevent gear slippage. Add the fluid to the transmission fluid dipstick or directly into the transmission itself. It should work fairly quickly, so if you continue to see leaks, take it into a trusted mechanic as soon as possible. The powerful cleaning agents and transacts removes large sludge, gums, and varnish to prevent premature failure and extend transmission life. The naphthenic oils in Trans-X work with the transmission to lubricate gears help prevent gear slippage and hard shifting. The solvents and oils in Trans-X help revitalize the seals to keep them flexible and help prevent leaks

Published on January 17, 2016 Category Tag