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The passenger and light truck folding rack is much more versatile than the pallet racking or mezzanines used all too often in tire warehouses. These portable modular racks are easy to stack and move around with a fork truck. Moreover, they help you quickly and simply rearrange your floor space, and require less handling time than pallet racking. Each folding & stacking tire rack can hold 28 to 32 tires stored on their treads. Thus, each tire is easily accessible and different tire makes, sizes and types can be stored in the same rack. With the four middle bars removed, 40 to 50 interlaced tires can be stored. This configuration accommodates the greatest number of tires per square foot (35% more than on treads). However, it is usually better, though not necessary, that tires be of the same type when interlaced because access to the bottom of the rack is limited. This type of storage is a highly economical solution for large volumes.. Many tire distribution centers and warehouses keep racks folded down at the loading dock in addition to a few that are kept open to quickly unload incoming tire shipments.

Published on February 8, 2016
Martins Industries
At Martins Industries, we are one of the only tire equipment and racking manufacturer in the world to sell products directly to the end user. As a result, our prices are lower and we are in the best position to advise you: You are dealing with the manufacturer! If you are a tire manufacturer, logistics center, tire distributor, car dealership or tire shop, you can count on us. With our distribution centers in United States, Canada and Australia and Dubai, along with manufacturing plants in Canada and Taiwan, you’re in good hands.