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The pick-up truck tire cage (MPUTC) was designed, tested and manufactured to transport tires of all sizes. With the MPUTC you will transport your tires safely and on all types of pick-up that have an 8’ box. (Ford, GMC, Chevy and Dodge). On average you will be able to carry about 100 tires of 17’’ diameter.

Martins Industries’ pick-up truck tire cage was designed and tested on road and in our manufacturing plant. Our experience brought us to manufacture a very sturdy pick-up truck tire cage, especially for the doors (hinges and locking system). The MPUTC is equipped with a locking system and stainless steel hardware to prevent rust. The pick-up truck tire cage is hot dip galvanized (inside and outside of the tubes) to prevent rust.

The pick-up tire cage can be installed on all types of pick-ups with an 8’ box. It is easy to install and requires only 2 people and about 1h00. The assembly manual is available with the pick-up tire cage when delivered. All the hardware is included and a list of the tools needed is available in the assembly manual."

Published on December 21, 2015
Martins Industries
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