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The deluxe showroom display is an elegant stand that holds 8 tires measuring up to 29” in diameter. Five individual holders each accommodate one tire, laid flat, measuring up to 27” in diameter. With the tires positioned in this way, the customer can easily examine the treads. An information strip can be inserted for the brand in question. The deluxe showroom display includes a total of 13 information strips (23” x 2”) for the most popular tire brands. Three more tires up to 29” in diameter can be placed at the bottom of the display. Two white sign plates measuring 31” x 6” can be used to show your logo or other emblem at the top and bottom of the tire display."

Published on December 21, 2015
Martins Industries
At Martins Industries, we are one of the only tire equipment and racking manufacturer in the world to sell products directly to the end user. As a result, our prices are lower and we are in the best position to advise you: You are dealing with the manufacturer! If you are a tire manufacturer, logistics center, tire distributor, car dealership or tire shop, you can count on us. With our distribution centers in United States, Canada and Australia and Dubai, along with manufacturing plants in Canada and Taiwan, you’re in good hands.
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