PPG Refinish – Leadership

Only one thing lasts longer than our coatings. Our commitment to you. As the world leader in coatings our long-term commitment to our customers is reflected in the numbers.
2,000,000+ color formula global database.
28,000+ customers using PPG waterborne.
15,000 technicians trained annually.
9,000+ shops using MVP business teachings.
1,200+ U.S. and Canadian Distributors.
111 years of innovation in refinish coatings.
1 company delivers all of this.

Bottom line? As long as there are vehicles to paint, PPG will be there to help you paint them.

Published on October 9, 2015
PPG Automotive Refinish
Only one thing lasts longer than our coatings—our commitment to you.  When it comes to building durability, increasing performance or enhancing appearance, PPG Refinish owns a track record of success no other company can match. For nearly 100 years, we’ve delivered the automotive, commercial fleet and light industrial coatings the world needs. For more information, visit www.ppgrefinish.com.
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