Reading Tire Tread Depth and TPMS – Tech Minute

Andrew Markel from Brake and Front End Magazine explains...

"People always talk about scanning vehicles for codes... well have you scanned the tires for the tread depth? The tread depth can tell you a lot about what is going on with the vehicle. It can tell you what is going on with the suspension and alignment, it can also tell you about the customer's habits with the inflation pressures. TPMS systems have a mandate of 25% above or below the specified tire pressure, the cold tire pressure in other words. If they are consistently running the tire low or too high, you're going to get some distinct wear patterns on the tire. To measure these, you're going to measure the tire tread depth. This can be done very easily with a tool like this, and it can give you a document that can show what the tire wear pattern is. Not just a visual one, but actual physical evidence to show the customer and also for the technician to help diagnose the problem."

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Published on April 26, 2018 Category