Scrubblade wiper blade debris removal testing.

At 24 cycles, Scrubblade wipers side is completely clean and the other side just isn't. Scrubblade is the only patented scrubbing wiper blade on the market that cleans your windshield beyond rain. After being released into the HD market 8 years ago, Scrubblade is one of the most recognized and purchased wiper blades in that market because it works. Ask your local automotive, 4x4 retailer for Scrubblade wipers, the next evolution in wiper technology.

Published on November 13, 2015
Scrubblade Inc.
This channel is to showcase the newest technology in wiper blades since the beam blade hit the market. Scrubblade wiper blades were developed years ago by a normal person that had a need for a cleaner windshield. After almost 10 years of development and proving the functionality and brand in the trucking market, Scrubblade is now ready to take its place in the mass automotive retail space. Its not a gimmick but a real patented technology that works better than any standard wiper at removing debris from the windshield. Thanks for checking us out!