SmartWasher® CRC Parts Washer Overview

SmartWasher is the whole new ball game in parts washers. Think of it as a 60 year old upgrade to the old solvent tank. Users are always surprised how well it works and on so many more applications. It works its best every time you use it, its a much better tool for the user, its safe with no harmful chemicals or fumes, its as green as it gets and makes financial sense. We have all the bases covered. The SmartWasher is a proprietary system involving a special cleaning solution called Ozzy Juice a particulate trap called Ozzy Mat and a naturally occurring process called bioremediation to neutralize or digest grease, oil, and hydrocarbon contaminants. That's where our good friend Ozzy comes in. Ozzy is our nickname for a special blend of microbes, living organisms that safely and effectively neutralize contaminants inside the machine. Ozzy Juice cleans parts, Ozzy Mat traps the bits and Ozzy continually cleans the Ozzy Juice leaving it clean and strong for every use. Ozzy Juice is never hauled away. The fluid that starts in the SmartWasher, stays in it forever as long as two very quick and simple maintenance steps are done. You add to it but you never dump it. Ozzy juice is safe enough for Ozzy's to live in and its safe for humans too. Not flammable, no harmful fumes or volatile organic compounds. Replacing a solvent tank with a SmartWasher eliminates a thousand pounds or more of special or hazardous waste per year. The fact that Ozzy Juice is PH neutral and not volatile, means that it can be used where solvents can't like rubber, plastics, vinyl, painted or clear coated items, even textiles like mechanics gloves. There is just tons of uses that you just wouldn't touch with traditional solvents because they'd be ruined. We make tall claims but we can back it up. Its the kind of thing you really have to try to believe!

Published on September 12, 2016 Category